Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where in Belize can I find Hot Mama’s products?
    Our products are available in most grocery stores and gift shops throughout the country of Belize.

  • How can I order Hot Mama’s outside of Belize?
    Please go to our Where to Buy page and fill out the order form or you can contact any of our distributors in your area.
    Orders being shipped from Belize can be a little expensive because the post office figures the cost based on the weight of the package.  Packages being shipped regular takes a minimum of 10 business days and those shipped express can be anywhere from 3 to 5 days.

  • Do the habanero hot sauces contain preservatives?
    Our sauces are preservative free.

  • What is the shelf life of Hot Mama’s products?
    All of our sauces have a shelf life of about 2 years except for the Manganero Sauce which is only for 1 year.

  • Do Hot Mama’s products need to be refrigerated?
    The sauces do not need to be refrigerated; except for the Manganero Sauce.  The Manganero Sauce is the only sauce that must be stored in the refrigerator as soon as it is opened.

  • Do Hot Mama’s products contain MSG?
    We use no artificial additive….nothing extra!

  • Are there any recipes using Hot Mama’s products?
    Please visit our Recipes page for delicious recipes using Hot Mama's sauces.

    The Hot Mama’s sauces can be eaten at every meal and most especially the gourmet sauces – from breakfast to dessert and everything in between!

  • What sizes are available for each Hot Mama’s product?
    We have several sizes available for the different sauces and jellies.  Please view the different products to see what is available.

  • What are Scoville units?
    Scoville units is the measurement of the heat levels for the different peppers.   This method was developed by Wilbur Scoville back in 1912 using a panel of 5 human heat samplers to taste and analyse the different varieties of peppers to determine the pungency of each pepper.  James Woodbury in 1980 developed a test using a high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), but still today the term Scoville Units is used to display the standard industry measurement.

    It is necessary to understand that even though testing may be done on the peppers, it does not guarantee that the same results can be obtained each time that particular variety is measured…..meaning that testing in the early part of the year may give you one result and a different result may be gotten if the testing is done later in the year. Soil conditions, agricultural practices, inputs and climate all play a part in the end results for each production of hot peppers.

  • Where do the peppers come from?
    Our peppers are all locally grown and depending on the time of the year will determine what area of the country of Belize they will come from.  We work very closely with individual farmers, groups or associations.  Within the last few years, extensive training workshops were funded by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) under the Food Security Project where habanero peppers were chosen for the country of Belize.  These workshops aided the farmers by helping them to improve their growing and production techniques, with the end result being better quality peppers.

  • Are only habanero peppers used?
    Habanero peppers are the only hot peppers that we use in our sauces. For two of our gourmet products we use sweet peppers or bell peppers in addition to the habanero peppers.

  • Why not other peppers?
    Habanero peppers are the hottest pepper known to man and the habaneros that are grown in Belize are citrusy in flavor.  It is the pepper of choice for Belizeans.

  • How is the heat in the hot sauces regulated?  Are they the same heat level each time?
    We have a set recipe for each of the sauces and our staff (who love to eat hot sauce) are our tasters.  We don’t always know if the heat levels are the same, but we do insist that the farmers who grow and provide for us, harvest the peppers at their peak.

  • Who are your distributors? How many distributors do you have?
    Please see our listing on the Where to Buy page.

  • Where in the world can the hot sauces be shipped?
    Presently, we are shipping into Canada, USA and Guatemala.  Also available is online purchases of small quantities to individuals and this is done by means of the post office direct to the buyer.  These shipments are to anywhere in the world.

  • Is private labeling available?
    Private labeling is a service that we provide and we have several customers that we package for.  We have listed two here:
    1. Grace Kennedy (Belize) Limited.  
    2. Chucktown Heat from Charleston, South Carolina.  
    In Canada, we cannot use the name Hot Mama’s; therefore our products are marketed under the names of “Taste of Belize” and “It’s Caribbean”.

  • Why is everything done by hand and not with machines?
    We are still a small company with a limited amount of employees, but in our future plans we are planning to add some automated equipment.

  • How many peppers goes into a drum?
    Approximately 350 pounds of fresh ground peppers.